Kelsey (ktpoole891) wrote,


It's very frustrating when you go so far ahead to plan and then people seem to fuck it over.

I suppose it's no one's fault the flight is delayed. No one can help that.

But when you have your cellphone and waste the battery before your second flight even takes off because you have been farting around on tumblr all day, and when people are waiting to get in touch with you, you don't even have a charger on your person so you can tell them where to pick you up and what is going on? It's irresponsible, and it's also fucking annoying.

We were supposed to be in Boston right now for the convention, and now it doesn't look like were getting there until at least 6...actually...make it more like seven.

I didn't talk to the girl who was flying in and all morning everyone has been fuddy duddy with their plans and no one knows what airport they are flying out of or what flight number they're on.

I'm already also upset that this girl who is 19, while we are all 23-26, has already been whining about the rule where if she decides to drink, she can't leave the room. I feel like not allowing her to drink at all, I'm not trying to be a prude, and I think everything is okay in moderation, but when someone doesn't understand that it's the 'of age' people who will get in trouble for allowing them the alcohol.

I'm trying to relax and tell myself it will be a good weekend and we're going to have fun but right now I'm just thinking about opening that Jack Daniels I have downstairs.

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